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With more than 25 years of experience, headquartered in Neuhausen, Germany, AeroHeli is a mother company of VIVA Helicopters, the first commercial helicopter operator in Albania.

VIVA’s pilots, maintenance technicians and support personnel are all committed to safety and service excellence.

Viva Air Heliport is located in Baldushk, 11 km near Tirana center with 10,000 square meters facility, certifi ed from AAC (Civil Aviation Authority). Basic aircraft services include also private refueling station with Jet A1 and AV Gas certifi ed by BP. VIVA Helicopters is operating also in Macedonia, Kosovo and other region countries by liaison offices.

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Currently, three helicopters are flying in the fleet of VIVA: a twin-engine Eurocopter AS 355; a single engine Eurocopter AS 350 and Robinson R-44.

When you call VIVA, you get experience on the ground and in the air. You also get the confidence that comes from flying with a proven German aviation team.